Benjamin Menah

With a distinguished career as a staff auditor, Mr. Menah left an indelible mark on comprehensive financial compliance audits for entities such as the Department of Justice/OIG – Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, DC Water and Sewer Authority, U.S. Department of Agriculture – Mild Marketing Services, and Non-Profit Organizations.   His expertise […]

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Damian Ozobu

In the intricate world of audits and financial compliance, Mr. Ozobu emerges as a luminary with over two years of expansive experience. His distinguished roles in high-profile audits, spanning government departments and private entities, showcase his prowess.   Notably, as a Senior Auditor for the Department of Health & Human Services, he spearheaded a comprehensive Financial […]

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Jonas Okafor

Meet Mr. Okafor, an esteemed senior auditor with over six years of seasoned experience. His expertise spans across government, profit, and non-profit sectors, showcasing proficiency in auditing, reviewing, compiling, and preparing reports.   Notable engagements include audits for prestigious clients like the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Patent and Trademark Office, U.S. Department of […]

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Okeh O. N

Meet Mr. Okeh, the luminary founder and managing partner of our firm. With over eight years of unwavering dedication in government and private sectors, he’s a beacon of experience. His journey includes pivotal roles at esteemed firms like Urback & Werlin, Gardiner & Kimay & Associates, and Daniel Eke & Associates, PC. In the last […]

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